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Aadai Kamini is an anchorwoman who is extremely spontaneous and courageous. She also is a strong advocate for feministism. Kamini is shown to have no knowledge of the dynamic between freedom and ideology. Her mother raised her following the death of her father when she was young. Due to her mother’s conservative beliefs, Kamini and her mother tend to be at odds with her attitude.

As part of the #tag team she is a part of the #tag team along with Jennifer and a few other members. In the last three years, they have been known for doing serious pranks on innocent people, such as murder attempts and medical emergencies to be shared through social media. On the day of her birthday, the mother of Kamini’s challenges her to try to be a serious newsreader at least once so that she can be happy however Kamini refuses. Kamini’s birthday falls on the the day that the news station will remain in their current building before moving to a new building in a faraway location. Jennifer will be broadcasting the last broadcast from the old building to mark an emotional farewell. Kamini visits Jennifer as she gets ready. Kamini recalls the words her mother spoke to her earlier. Kamini then creates a news reading game in her mind. Jennifer disappears for just 10 minutes before the live feed starts and there is no way to leave, Kamini serves as a alternative newsreader. Contrary to what everyone expects, Kamini does well in the news reading. Jennifer is shown to be able to leave the upper-floor toilet, which got stuck. The company leaves and the building is left unlocked. the building open to allow for weekend visitors.

Kamini celebrates her birthday with her pals in the evening , with drinks and food. She also enjoys magical mushrooms. Kamini, while on talking to her mother, is unaware that she is the one who locked Jennifer in to show her the truth. Jennifer confronts Kamini and asks her to read the news in naked. After everyone has a high from the magical mushrooms, Kamini starts her stripping.

The next morning, Kamini wakes up to an empty office without clothing or her phone. Her clothes have gone missing and she is in a bare position, trying to get assistance in a variety of inexplicably inconvenient ways. She manages to pick up her phone, however, since she doesn’t have a balance, it is impossible for her to make outgoing calls. She is able to place an order for food on the toll-free phone number and waits. Kamini takes out an iron pipe smack the delivery driver and steal his clothes. However, she is stunned to discover an delivery lady who is suddenly falling unconscious due to blood loss. Kamini is then trying to get rid of her clothes however the delivery girl awakes and restrains her, so Kamini is able to hit her on the head with the pipe. Then she scampers off to the sound of two locals coming into the building. The delivery girl gets spotted by the locals who contact the police, believing she’s dead. Kamini runs away from police, and they arrive to revive the girl.

Kamini is left alone, now locked in the house, following the police leave. Kamini’s friend calls her and informs her that police been able to arrest them earlier in the evening because they were high. But before she can speak, her phone runs out of battery. Kamini’s mom, however, submits a police report about her daughter missing at the same police station where her other friends are detained.

Kamini smashes the glass entrance window in an attempt to gain access to the door. She is injured on her arm due to the shattering glass. Kamini succeeds in her attempt and walks out into the dark. She spots a garbage can out in the open, but is chased by dogs before she can find something to cover her. She rushes back into the building, still pursued by dogs. She slips and falls on broken glass. Then , she shuts herself away in the bathroom and begins to cry, feeling helpless. She thinks of her courage and promises to her mom regarding her exit from the office without a scratch. Then, she uses a roll toilet paper to cover her female genitals. She walks out of the building, and is greeted by a woman under the drizzle. She spots police tape and covers herself with it. She asks for help from a passing motorist by offering their raincoat. Instead of donating her clothes the man gave her an empty bag. She removes her clothes and chases the passerby, until she is startled by the approaching police van. The woman who is chasing them turns out be the same delivery girl Kamini had earlier beaten. Then, she reveals that she’s the source of Kamini’s naked plight. The two begin fighting, and Kamini begins to pull the girl’s clothes in a bid to get revenge. Kamini is suddenly struck by flashbacks.

Nangeli The delivery girl (played by Ananya RAMaprasad) is a civil service aspirant born in a tribal village in Manjolai Hills. She was previously a successful candidate for the UPSC preliminary exam two years prior. She was taken to Chennai by her family members for the UPSC Mains Examination. Kamini was waiting to get an Auto when her classmates played a prank geared towards medical professionals on the girl. This led her to miss her exam and wasted her preliminary. The girl fell unconscious when her mother arrived in Chennai to take the examination the following year. No one responded to the prank, thinking it was a joke. Nangeli is required to work as a delivery girl while preparing for the test when she catches sight of Kamini one day after delivering food to her office and sees her enjoying life.

Resentful, Nangeli took revenge. She went after Kamini after she saw Kamini and her friends having fun in the vacant office building. Kamini informs her colleagues that she’s permitted to remain naked in the building for one day. She sees Kamini walking to the restroom, hears her friends leaving to drink more before entering the building only to find Kamini as well as her friend Jennifer asleep in the bathroom. Nangeli calls the father of Jennifer using Jennifer’s cell phone, asking him to come get her since she’s too drunk to go home. After Jennifer is removed Nangeli cleans her office to eliminate all the clutter. After taking off Kamini’s clothes Nangeli tucks them away in an air vent. If Kamini awakes, Nangeli is the watchful eye on her. When Kamini wants food Nangeli flies to the delivery guy and pretends to be the delivery guy. Aadai HD

When Kamini awake, Nangeli donated blood at a blood donation vehicle that passed through. She plays the victim Kamini, fainting in an effort to seek assistance. Instead, Kamini hits Kamini on the head. Nangeli shares the ways that social media has created an unforgiving world where taking a selfie or a prank can prove deadly. Kamini then asks if Nangeli blames social media for people’s obsession with it. Nangeli points out the fact that everyone should be free to do whatever they like however it should not be done in a way that harms others. This leads Kamini to regret her decision. Nangeli reveals she did not want to take revenge however she wanted her to understand how much pain Kamini had caused. She describes how she escaped from Kamini’s hospital to escape the pain and escape from the police officers outside. She also believed Kamini, being a free-spirited female, would walk out of the office without shame. However, she admitted that she is not shameless. Nangeli is also furious about Kamini’s injuries after fleeing from the dogs and stepping onto glass. Kamini accepts Nangeli’s apology and the two break up. Kamini shifts from performing in public, to exposing scandals within the offices of politicians and her colleagues. She is portrayed as the reason for the detention and removal of a musician who was a member in the parliament. Nangeli as the film concludes, is working on her final exams and is working as a courier.

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