Blade 2 2002

Blade 2 เบลด 2 (2002) นักล่าพันธุ์อมตะ

Blade 2

Blade2 Blade is in search of Abraham Whistler’s mentor in Prague. He was thought to be dead after being murdered and slain by Deacon Frost. Instead, Blade was turned into a vampire, and was held for two years in prison. Blade helps to keep Whistler from being imprisoned by Deacon Frozen and heals his wounds. Blade’s brand new gadget and marijuana user, Scud, meets Whistler. He is fond of rap.

A pandemic has turned vampires to “Reapers” – primal, mutant vampires with bloodlust and an infectious bite that can transform vampires and humans alike. To fight the Reapers vampire overlord Eli Damaskinos sends his minion, Asad, and daughter Nyssa to make peace with Blade who is reluctantly allied with the vampires. Blade joins with the Bloodpack, an elite group of vampires originally formed to kill him. The pack includes Asad, Nyssa, Reinhardt, Chupa, Snowman, Priest, Verlaine, and her lover Lighthammer. Reinhardt hates Blade and challenges Blade to fight, but in response Blade places an explosive in his head to keep him in line.

They discover that Reapers are immune to numerous vampire weaknesses as they investigate the existence of a vampire group. The Reaper leader, Jared Nomak, arrives and takes Nyssa captive. He attempts to convince Blade for his cause by citing their shared dislike of vampires. Priest is mercy-killed, and is bitten, while Lighthammer is bitten but hides the bite. Whistler disappears, and Scud is attacked by several Reapers, which he drives away with UV light sources. Blade is defeated by Nomak which is vulnerable to Blade’s weapons. Nomak retreats as the sun rises, and Whistler comes back, revealing that he’s discovered the Reaper nest inside the sewer. Nyssa takes apart the body of a dead Reaper and discovers that their heart are protected by bone. Recognizing that UV light is their weak point, Scud, Whistler create UV weapons for the team as well as a UV-emitting Bomb strong enough to destroy the whole nest.

Entering the Reaper nest, the team spreads out. Lighthammer transforms into the form of a Reaper and kills Snowman. Verlaine sacrifices her life to save Lighthammer. Chupa and Reinhardt attack Whistler. Reinhardt sprays Chupa with a Reaper Phenomine. The horde is attracted by the spray and is killed by Chupa and Whistler escapes. Asad and Nyssa get ambushed by the Reapers, and Asad is shot. Blade saves Nyssa and then blasts the UV-bomb which destroys all the Reapers with the exception of Nomak. Nyssa and Reinhardt manage to evade the blast, but Nyssa is severely injured until Blade lets her drink his blood to survive.

Damaskinos is a force that betrays and take captive Blade, Whistler, and Scud. Damaskinos’ attempts to create an even stronger vampires have led to the existence of the Reapers. Damaskinos believes that Nomak is Damaskinos’ first Reaper. He regards him as an unfit candidate due to his inability to see the sun. Scud is revealed to be one Damaskinos friends. Blade suspects this and kills him with an explosive he had planted earlier on Reinhardt. Damaskinos plans to snatch Blade’s blood in order to create an immunity sunlight, and to create a new and totally invincible species of vampires. Whistler is able to escape Reinhardt and liberates a empty Blade who is thrown into Damaskinos’ blood pool, restoring his power. He overcomes Damaskinos’ henchmen to kill Reinhardt.

Nomak arrives at Damaskinos’ stronghold seeking revenge against his father. Nyssa betrays Damaskinos, sealing the escape route to the heliport. Nomak then kills Damaskinos for not negotiating. Nomak then bit Nyssa, drinking her blood. Blade and Nomak fight each other and Blade stabs Nomak in his only weak area. Nomak is content with his revenge and wants to end his suffering. He kills himself using Blade’s sword. In fulfillment of Nyssa’s desire to die as a vampire, Blade is taken outside and embraces her while her body deteriorates due to the sunrise

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